How to make Achilles’ Heel Salve

This salve exists purely because I was reading a folklore book one day, found a tidbit saying that yarrow (Achillea millefolium) has ties to Achilles’ spear and promptly ran with it. This salve was specifically designed for calloused and dry feet, because why not keep running with a theme once you have it, but it works just as well for hands, too!

Two salves in a bowl of flowers.

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you will need:

  • Glass jar or container you’re willing to sacrifice to being used to melt beeswax forevermore
  • Small pot
  • A scale
  • Salve tins
  • 6 oz Sunflower oil, infused with dried herbs
    (The herbs in question being: yarrow flowers, calendula flowers, dandelion flowers, comfrey root, & marshmallow root)
  • 1 oz Beeswax
  • .50 oz Deodorized Cocoa butter
  • .20 oz Castor oil
  • .20 oz Macadamia nut oil
  • .20 oz Cucumber seed oil
  • .20 oz Borage oil
  • .20 oz Tamanu oil

The infusion

Obviously you can’t make an herbal salve without, y’know, including the herbs. But since we do not want random gritty and oddly textured plant debris in our salve, into the oil they go!

To make an herbal infusion in oil, heap a glass mason jar about half of the way full with dried herbs. Fill it the rest of the way with oil. Place the jar in a small pot that has a few inches of water in it, and set it on a burner set to low heat. Keep checking it to make sure all the water doesn’t evaporate out, but otherwise, just leave it be to infuse for several hours.

Once a few hours have passed, take off the heat and strain oil into a new jar. Congrats, you now have a jar of herbal oil! Now let’s make something with it.

The Salve

Weigh out your infused sunflower oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter into a glass mason jar or other heat-safe container. Place jar into a small pot that has a few inches of water in it, and place pot on a burner set to medium-low heat to melt. Gently stirring the mix once it warms can speed up melting.

Once everything’s completely melted, remove jar from heat. Measure out and add your other oils- castor, macadamia nut, cucumber seed, borage, and tamanu- and mix them in. Once everything’s combined, carefully pour the contents of your jar into salve tins.

Leave tins to set up. Once salves are cool, screw on the lids and label them. Stick ’em on a shelf somewhere out of direct sunlight, and you’re done!

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