Unruly Gardening was originally started by a Gen Z whippersnapper who likes to write and garden, but eventually turned into a family project, spearheaded by her mom (The Nerdy Farm Wife) with contributions from other family members at times.

This site is our family’s platform to share the growing, foraging, and making stuff that we love to do!

dog and friend under an apple tree
Under an apple tree, planted from seed many years ago!

The Land

We grow on, forage, and are able to roam about 100 acres of land in zone 7 USA. Our landscape features a considerable amount of red clay, regular rabbit and deer raiders, and a lot of lemon balm no one can quite manage to get rid of.

The land it resides on features a wide array of micro-climates, from creek beds to full woods to open fields.

wildflowers by a creek
wild blue phlox by the creek

We battle persistent invasives: 3+ acres of kudzu, plus autumn olive, Japanese knotweed, and bittersweet oriental, all organically (and with a lot of manual labor), with the goal to help preserve the forest and creek area filled with treasured natives such as black cohosh, bloodroot, lady slippers, and more.

loofah vines in the garden
a little spot in the back garden

We have gardens of various sizes, beehives, are working on establishing a food forest, and enjoy farming our woods, especially with mushrooms.

We have lots to share, so we hope you find something useful, helpful, interesting, or inspiring here!

man holding basket of lion's mane mushrooms
basket of wild-harvested lion’s mane mushrooms