hummingbird moth enjoying bee balm flowers

How to Grow & Use Bee Balm

Learn how to grow, harvest, and dry bee balm (wild bergamot), plus 8 creative ways to use it, including recipes for bee balm salve, tea, infused honey, and more! Bee…
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Image is of two tins of green lip balm sitting on a log. Green chickweed can be seen on the upper left and lower right of the image, with one strand straying across.

Spring Greens Lip Balm

Use some foraged early spring greens to make a lovely little lip balm! Violet leaves, purple deadnettle, and chickweed combine with sweet almond, tamanu, and castor oil to create a…
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Salve picture in a silver tin, with pine needles both behind and to the left of the salve image. A single bright red cayenne pepper is nestled along the lower left side of the salve.

Spicy Salve Recipe

This salve was created purely as an experiment, and somehow ended up doing exactly what I wanted it to first try. Rather than give it a dignified name, like such…
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A brown bowl with two lotion bars and two calendula flowers is on a dark brown weathered rail. A single lotion bar is propped in front of the bowl, and beside it, slightly angled away, is a sunflower.

Soothing Sunshine Lotion Bars

Sunflower petals, calendula, chamomile and dandelions in sesame oil make for a gentle, all-purpose lotion bar, while the slightest bit of turmeric adds a faint, sunshiny boost of natural color….
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Jar of tea, lightly tinted green, surrounded by scattered violets.

Spring Cleaning Face Wash

Hear me, ye who be blighted by the heavy gloom of winter’s passing; there be four things you must find to lift your curse most foul- Just kidding. No curses…
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Seven finished tins of salve, arranged in a circle.

Making Hypnos Bedtime Balm

The Hypnos bedtime balm was born from the overwhelming desire to find something heavy and whack my insomnia over the head with it. That’s about it, really. Will this balm…
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jar of salve with fresh yarrow flowers and leaves

Achilles’ Heel Yarrow Salve

This yarrow salve was designed for calloused and dry feet, but it works just as well for hands, too! I created it after reading a folklore book one day, which…
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