Overview: February 2021

I had good intentions, but alas, I continue to be terrible at sticking with plans.

Image of a single daffodil in front of green daffodil leaves. Dead brown leaves are in the background.

The bulb patch finally got (mostly) cleared out, just in time for the first daffodils! Tulips are starting to push their way out the ground, so it shouldn’t be too much longer till they’re blooming too!

I did get the smaller carrots thinned out, but no picture here- they were super tiny, and went right to the animals.

Image is of assorted brassica seedlings, all healthy and green.

All the seeds for this year (save about 3-4 special ones/everything that needs direct-seeding) have been started! Most of them have sprouted, too, with just a couple lagging behind. The brassicas and pansies from last month are thriving in the soil blocks, and it’s not too long till they get planted out in the garden!

Image of a 2-ply handspun white yarn, loosely coiled. The yarn takes up most of the image, but green plants can be seen in the background.

I not only drastically overestimated my brain’s attention span for when it comes to spinning, but also managed to mess up an entire 4 oz of tragically lovely wool. I still don’t actually know what or how I managed to do to it, I just know I messed up. It’s currently hidden away where I don’t have to look at it until I feel like tackling my mistakes again. Oops?

On the other hand, I did manage to spin and ply 8 oz of wool without any difficulties earlier in the month. Half a pound’s better than none, right?

Image of a loom threaded with blue, purple, and white yarn. The reed of the loom is visible as a blur in the back, with sunlight slanting through the gaps. The shuttle is a close-up blur in the bottom right, loaded with blue yarn. Half of the threaded yarn has been woven.

I didn’t get around to crocheting any mittens, sadly. I did pull back out my loom though, and got halfway through weaving a scarf! One more afternoon of focusing should finish it off, assuming I don’t get distracted.

I did some other little experiments throughout the month that should lead to other projects soon enough- I popped some amaranth (and burnt my first two attempts), pulled back out my watercolors (and realized I’ve completely forgotten how to use them), worked on my ebook (and got distracted by another idea for a different ebook)…

I’ve also spent an absolutely shameful amount of time just reading, playing games while my brother laughs at my flailing failures, taking naps, and pitifully longing for spring to hurry up already.

In my defense, February is one of those months that feels like it was made for hibernating through. Can’t do any gardening, foraging, or walking around outside much just yet, but soon…

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