May 2021- Plans

May’s such a lovely month! We’ve got flowers, we’ve got early crops to harvest and eat, we’ve got sunshine and warm weather again… It’s a good month for getting things done!

Of course, that’s assuming your power didn’t get knocked out by a surprise storm, like ours did. Good for getting spinning done! Not so good for, say, experimenting with cooking, or doing things in the garden where you’ll get all dirty and itchy. Oh well, at least the power’s back on now!

Image of a single half-ripe alpine strawberry, attached to the vine. In the background many blurred pots of strawberry leaves are visible.


This month is the month that everything will get planted! There should be no more frosts, so I want to get everything in the ground! That means all the tomatoes, peppers, flower starts, herb starts, all of it. All the seeds too, so that’s calendula, watermelons, pumpkins, cucumbers, muskmelons, peanuts, summer squash… I have so many things to plant, and I wanted them in the ground last week!

Also for this month’s list is to get those alpine strawberries planted- they’re covered in flowers and fruit, and they need a spot to grow! And of course, when those boysenberries I ordered arrive, they’ll need to go right in the ground, too.

There’s also going to be a lot of weed-pulling on May’s list, because both gardens are only about half-prepared for seeds and plants. That’s going to take a few days. Or a week. Something like that.

Also, I really, really need to take pictures of the heirloom lettuce and the ginseng I grew from seed that (finally!) sprouted like… three weeks ago? That’s actually fairly urgent on the list, and I should have done it ages ago. Oops.


I don’t really have specific plans for things to do outdoors as much as I just want to enojy it while the weather’s nice. I’d like to keep doing my spinning (mostly plying really) and some reading and so on outside. Gotta soak up every last bit of the nice weather before it gets too hot!

I’ll be keeping an eye out for roses and elderflowers, since they should be coming up fast- and I need to brainstorm some projects to use them in! Since there’s a tiny little strawberry on my alpine plants just starting to turn, that means strawberries aren’t far behind either…

Since it’s time for the snakes to be moving around again, I’ll be wearing boots and jumping out of my skin at every strange branch, but I’d like to walk down through the woods to the creek, and see what’s growing around there right now. We planted some things down there last fall, so it’s time to see what survived through the winter!


I’m keeping it simple with the spinning right now- I’d like to finish plying the two full spindles I spun up, and it would be lovely if I could spin another 4-8 oz of one of the colorways in my stash, but my focus is still mostly on those little samples. I’m working my way through them! They’re just going to be a slow, steady kind of thing.

Technically still crafting in a way, I do plan to try and carve out a bit of time to try and learn how to make pixel sprites. For video games, because between me and my brother we apparently have the combined ability and knowledge required to make one. Or we would, if I could make pixel sprites. So that’s going to be interesting!


I want to keep trying more paleo recipes! And just recipes in general. I bought so many cookbooks, and I didn’t get them just to make my shelves look all pretty!

Other than trying out recipes from books, I would like to experiment a little on my own, but I need a little more cooking knowledge before I can do most of my ideas. I might be able to try a few, though!

Finally, I desperately need to find and try out recipes that need eggs. We’re drowning in so many eggs. And we’re not fond of things like quiches or eggy custards and only two people in this house eat things like omelets. What do we even do with this many eggs.


Something I really want on my list for this month is reading! I want to read through all of my not-read books from earlier this month at the very least, but I’d like to re-read at least a shelf of my books, too. Not just because I like to read, but also because I want ideas for projects. I need more, I’m running low!

Very loose, but that’s the plans for May! It looks like it should be a very busy month! đŸ˜€

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