March 2021 – Plans

It’s March!! Finally, finally, there can be some gardening things happening!

An image of two crocus flowers against a backdrop of brown fallen leaves.


Setting up the row cover

It’s time to set up the row cover! This should be happening pretty soon- mostly just waiting on the ground to dry up a bit, since we’ve gotten so much wet weather. The row covers provide a slightly warmer environment, as well as help to protect the covered plants from pests.


Once the row cover’s all set up, it’ll finally be time to do some planting! We’re planting out about 60 collective brassicas this year- mostly broccoli, but still a few heads of cabbage and cauliflower- which took so well to growing in soil blocks I’m planning on starting them this way every year from now on.

I’ve also got some heirloom pansies and violas, though not as many as I’d like, and they were pretty badly mangled by this winter’s surprise spider mite attack. Hopefully they’ll make it, but if not, I’ll have to start some seeds in during late summer and hope for a fall bloom!


Just a little bit more and it’s time to direct-sow all the cold-hardy seeds! Lettuce, bachelor’s buttons, cold-hardy greens, carrots, I can’t actually remember everything I have so I’m going to have to go through my seed box again…



We’re just starting to see some early spring plants like dandelions popping up around the place, so give it another week or two and it’ll be time to start (lightly) foraging! I’ll mostly be looking for dandelions, chickweed, and purple deadnettle in March, which I’ll dry and store for use later in the year. Especially dandelions, because I ran out of those while recipe-creating early on last year.

Woods walk

I want to go poking around in the woods (or at least at the edges) nice and early this year! Going out early means there’s not as many bugs, clearer footing, and also the early spring plants, like bloodroot, spicebush, and redbud flowers. I want to experiment more with redbuds and spicebush this year, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for them!


I’m almost done with recipes! Just a handful more to go, then it’s picture time. Maybe I can get this ebook out within a couple of months?? Maybe??? My goal this month is to finish up completely with making things, so I can mark all the recipes as complete and move on to the next part!


I’m giving myself a little break from spinning for a while! Maybe not all month, but at least for most of it, so no plans there this time.


On the other hand, I do plan to do a little weaving. I really, really need to just take about 30 minutes and finish up that scarf I’ve got on the loom, and I would like to at least start another project after this one’s done.


I haven’t pulled out my paints for a long time (and never did much with them in the first place other than play with colors), but I poked around with them the other day, and I’d like to get back into using them again. The plan here is mostly just to get myself to pick up a brush again- I know better than to try and do a challenge, it’s just not going to get done. I’ll consider this a success as long as I paint literally anything, but I’ll give myself bonus points for painting something like, say, a squash. Or something. As long as it’s an actual object and not just random brushstrokes.

And that’s about it for March! More gardening, less crafting, but what I actually do could end up being the other way around, depending on things like the weather and just general life.

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