January 2021 – Plans

I could say that January is a time of great productivity, since every time the winter holidays come around I find myself thoroughly restocked on craft supplies and plenty of time to use them.

Or I could admit that I spent the last few weeks mostly just reading new books, flitting from craft to craft like a distracted butterfly, and getting beaten at video games by my brother.

January’s not an easy month to focus in, for me, and it’s already over halfway gone, but I still have some projects planned for this month!


An image of fiber and a spindle. The fiber is blue, purple, and gray, and on the left side, sits in a pre-drafted, loose, airy pile. On the upper right side, the same fiber is a dense, braided roving. At the bottom right, a spindle with partially-spun fiber lays at an angle across part of the image.


I’m (co)writing an ebook! This is absolutely not a project that’ll be finished this month, but it’s the current top-most priority one. Title pending, because trying to come up with names for things is the worst.

Fixing up succulents

I have, shamefully, let my succulents go a bit. I plan to fix them all up before the month’s out: repotting, quick treatment for any lingering pests I spot, removing dead and damaged leaves (largely caused by cat damage), fixing stretched-out succulents… they all get a nice refresher, and I get to mess around with plants while I’m waiting for the growing season to start already!

Weeding the bulb patch

The bulb patch is a mess! I’m planning on going out with some gloves and yanking out all the dead stuff so they won’t get in the way of the bulbs when they come up. Since I threw a whole bunch of wildflower seeds in there last year (and I’ll probably add some more this year), I’m hoping for a good show this spring!


Okay, so I probably can’t spin 3+ lbs of fiber in ~11-ish days. Probably. I haven’t tried yet. But I’m giving it my best shot!

Realistically, I would like to get at least another half-pound of fiber spun before the month ends. Focus is most likely going to go to working on the two merino wool/silk blends I’ve already started spinning, though I do have two empty spindles at the moment…

That’s it for what I’ve got planned this January (or for what’s left of it)! Next month is doubtlessly going to be busier, but I’m fully planning on enjoying this sleepier month while it lasts. 🙂

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