photo of spilanthes

Spilanthes – Growing & Care

Ahh, yes, spilanthes. The eyeball plant. Buzz buttons. The toothache plant. The electric daisy. “That weird plant that makes you drool if you eat it”. Definitely a unique one. Basics Spilanthes prefers full sun, but can stand a little shade. Avoid anything close to frost- don’t even think about winter in its direction, because spilanthes…
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Pot of Purple Basil

Basil – Growing & Care

Basil, the damsel! How dramatically she wilts when she decides it’s been too long since her roots were kissed with sweetness of water, only to spring back to full vigor within hours of her demands being met, as though nothing ever happened. Such a drama queen. Basics This fair lady wants nothing to do with…
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Hand holding lilac sucker

Plant Math – Multiplying Lilacs Through Suckers

On this sunny morn, o’er in the land of kinda-still-technically mud- -there’s some lilac suckers that need dividing. Lilacs have the glorious ability of multiplication through taking a root and deciding to grow a baby on it. Normally, that baby would be stuck right there, in the shade of the parent plant, never to journey…
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