dragon's egg cucumber sliced in half lengthwise

Growing Dragon’s Egg Cucumbers

Learn how to grow and care for Dragon’s Egg Cucumbers. They’re mild, delicious, and fun to grow! About: Dragon’s Egg is a sweet and unique cream-colored cucumber that originates from Croatia. This is an excellent cucumber well-worth growing at least once in your garden- it’s a mild, faintly sweet-flavored, thin-skinned delicate little thing, free from…
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hummingbird moth enjoying bee balm flowers

How to Grow & Use Bee Balm

Learn how to grow, harvest, and dry bee balm (wild bergamot), plus 8 creative ways to use it, including recipes for bee balm salve, tea, infused honey, and more! Bee Balm (Monarda fistulosa, M. spp.) also called wild bergamot, is an excellent plant to put in a pollinator garden! Beloved by bumblebees, butterflies, and hummingbirds,…
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Elegance Purple Lavender

Growing & Harvesting Lavender

Learn how to grow lavender from seeds or cuttings, tips on pruning, watering, and other growing requirements, then how to harvest the flowers and leaves! How to Start Lavender From Seed For many people, starting lavender from seed often seems to be too daunting a task at first glance; as soon as words like ‘cold-stratification’…
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mullein plants growing in kudzu

Growing & Foraging for Mullein (Plus Harvesting & Preserving tips!)

In this article, you’ll learn how to forage for mullein flowers, leaves, and roots, then how to harvest and preserve them! Common mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is a favorite summer plant to forage! It has a unique look and lots of healthy benefits. Once you learn about mullein and the things you can make from it,…
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Picture of an unrooted lettuce plant. The leaves are long and bright green. The plant is laying sideways upon a weathered piece of wood. A honeysuckle bush is visible in the background.

Yedikule Lettuce – Plant Variety Spotlight

Yedikule lettuce is a highly interesting heirloom plant well worth trying at least once! It adds a bit of bright green to your salads, has a nice, mild flavor, and is an easy to grow, no-fuss plant to have in your garden. Yedikule Lettuce Annual | Lettuce | (Lactuca sativa) Seeds obtained from- Baker Creek…
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A bundle of four radishes, held by a hand over a garden bed.

Radishes – Growing and Care

(Raphanus sativus) Radishes: you love them or you hate them. Either way, these spicy little roots are one of the quickest growing vegetables you can plant in your garden, some varieties ready to harvest in as few as three weeks! basics Plant your radishes in a location that gets at least 6 hours of sun…
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Two pea sprouts pushing out of red soil.

Peas – Growing and Care

(Pisum sativum) Fresh, raw peas are basically the candy of the garden, in my humble opinion. Eat them by the handful, the bowlful, the bucketful… They’re also one of the earliest crops you can harvest, thanks to being one of those few crops that can withstand light frosts and cold, early spring temperatures. Some early…
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Little asparagus sprouts, 11 days old and 27 days old respectively. The plants are growing in small plastic pots, one black, one green, and are set against a stone background.

Growing Asparagus Plants from Seed

So, asparagus! Choosing to grow asparagus from seed rather than buying the crowns pays off in the cost department, but you get hit with extra waiting time as compensation. A full extra year, in fact. On the other hand, if you really, really like asparagus, that wait might be worth it- plant a whole packet…
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Close-up of a Kilimanjaro White marigold.

Kilimanjaro White Marigolds – Plant Spotlight

Plant: Annual flowering plant. Tagetes erecta. Seeds obtained from: https://www.rareseeds.com/catalog/product/view/id/1137/s/kilimanjaro-white-marigold/category/390/ About: Lovely cream-and-white tall marigolds! These plants grow well over a foot with minimum encouragement, but are fully capable of reaching 3 ft in height or more! Notes Germination rates were fair: a little over 1/2 of the seeds planted ended up germinating. Seeds were…
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A balsam plant, most of the picture being leafy green, with four visible pale pink flowers and a handful of buds.

Balsam – Growing and Care

(Impatiens balsamina) An annual flower that thrives in the heat, these plants have seed pods that burst open with just a gentle squeeze when fully mature. This sends them off to join the ranks of plants that go by the nickname ‘Touch-Me-Not’, which, conversely, usually means that people go out of their way to touch…
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