February 2021 – Plans

We’re still going slow this month! It’s just too cold to do much outside right now, and it’s not quite time to sow those early spring-loving seeds. So other than a few exceptions, most of what’s on my list in February is more crafting-skewed than gardening. But we’re getting closer!

Image is of a box of coiled, handspun yarn of varying colors. The yarn is tied into skins with white yarn- in the background, through the plastic, store-bought yarn can be seen stacked.

garden care

I didn’t get it done yet thanks to snow and the cold, but this month, I’m determined to clear out the bulb patch! Especially since it’s creeping closer and closer to bloom-time, and that goes double if we end up getting an earlier spring this year.

seed starting

Thanks to our experiments with cold frames this year, I should be able to plant things out just a bit earlier than normal! While I do have all the brassicas I want this year started, there’s just a few more things I’ll want to start nice and early. It’s still a little too early to start most of the seeds, though- I’ll be picking through my seed box for some specific little tricky ones that have long germination waits or that grow very slow, and need a bit of a head start on the rest.

Cold Frame

I actually need to go out and thin some carrots from one of the cold frames- the other one I did in January, but completely forgot about the other one! The carrots in this cold frame probably aren’t going to be big enough for people to use, so they’ll just get fed to the animals as a treat.


It’s more chipping away at the ebook this month! Not really much to say here, other than I’ll probably just keep working on recipes- I don’t quite have enough made yet.


There’s a couple things I want to do with fiber this month, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to end up getting to all of them. They’re all going to be listed anyway!


Goal one is to spin up at least 1 lb of fiber total throughout the month- I’ve already got a good third done of one 4 oz braid of roving, and have a second spindle working on another, so I’m actually pretty optimistic on this one!


Goal two is to crochet myself some mittens out of my own handspun yarn! Going by how warm just handling the fiber makes my hands, I think it should make some very cozy mittens, and with how cold it’s been recently, my brain very much wants all the warm things.


And goal three is to work on learning how to weave! I received a rigid heddle loom this winter as a gift, and while the less said about my first practice try at weaving the better, I’m currently about 1/4 of the way through a pattern for a scarf that is, so far, looking not too bad! It’s been sitting on my shelf untouched for over a week, though, so I really need to go back to trying to finish that up. Hopefully one day I’ll be good enough to weave my own homespun!

That’s all for February, at least at the moment. This list looks short, but actually, looking over it, this is… a lot of hours of work. Whoops. Hopefully I can actually get most of it done this month!

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