Image is of a jar of light yellow jelly in a small 4 oz glass jar with a silver lid. The jelly jar has a single yellow forsythia flower on top, off-center to the right. A loose pile of forsythia flowers is visible curling around the bottom right side of the jar. Grey stone is visible to the back, and all around the jar is a green forest of chickweed and other green garden weeds.

Forsythia Jelly

Forsythia doesn’t bloom for long, but while it’s here, might as well make jelly out of it! Ingredients 1 cup forsythia flowers 1 1/4 cups water 1 3/4 cups sugar…
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A photograph where a clear glass bowl containing cooked apples in a caramelized brown sugar sauce, the bowl itself sitting atop a tan saucer. Apple leaf sprigs are tucked around the bowl, and several rustic dark-red apples are arranged around it as well. In the upper left corner the side of a basket sits.

Spicebush Apples

Sweet buttery brown sugar and fragrant spicebush berries simmered together with slices of apple make for a delicious autumnal dessert (or snack!). (Don’t know what spicebush is? Check out this…
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