jar of jam with fresh strawberries

Strawberry Rose Freezer Jam

This delicious freezer jam features fresh strawberries and rose petals. It’s quick and easy to make – no canning required! Ingredients: 2 cups chopped strawberries 1 cup fresh rose petals…
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Image of a glass of faintly pink lemonade with ice floating near the top. Inside the glass, a few pink flowers can be seen. At the base of the glass, there are some scattered redbud flowers.

Redbud Pink Lemonade

It’s that time of year around here where the sweet pink mist of redbud flowers is visible around the edge of the woods when you look out the window, and…
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Image is of a jar of light yellow jelly in a small 4 oz glass jar with a silver lid. The jelly jar has a single yellow forsythia flower on top, off-center to the right. A loose pile of forsythia flowers is visible curling around the bottom right side of the jar. Grey stone is visible to the back, and all around the jar is a green forest of chickweed and other green garden weeds.

Forsythia Jelly

Forsythia doesn’t bloom for long, but while it’s here, might as well make jelly out of it! Ingredients 1 cup forsythia flowers 1 1/4 cups water 1 3/4 cups sugar…
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A photograph where a clear glass bowl containing cooked apples in a caramelized brown sugar sauce, the bowl itself sitting atop a tan saucer. Apple leaf sprigs are tucked around the bowl, and several rustic dark-red apples are arranged around it as well. In the upper left corner the side of a basket sits.

Spicebush Apples

Sweet buttery brown sugar and fragrant spicebush berries simmered together with slices of apple make for a delicious autumnal dessert (or snack!). (Don’t know what spicebush is? Check out this…
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A little glass of alpine strawberry ice cream, with a leaf, two berries, and a single flower resting inside. The glass has another leaf nestled at the bottom, and is on a weathered strip of wood.

Alpine Strawberry Ice Cream

It is hot, I am suffering, and I have many alpine strawberries. Clearly the only thing to do here is to make ice cream. This recipe is a custard-style one,…
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Jar of celery salt in celery plant

How to make Celery Salt

Need some things to do with celery? Here’s a way to use up a lot of it- celery shrinks pretty dramatically when it’s dried, and even more when it’s rendered…
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A jar of bright pink jelly, being held up to a sunny window lined with plants.

Redbud Jelly Recipe

Redbud flowers bloom for a very short time each year in early spring, so if you want to make redbud jelly, you’ve got a narrow little window there to do…
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cottage flower jelly

Cottage Flower Jelly

This recipe uses an infusion of fresh-plucked flowers to make an exceptionally sweet floral jelly- a small-batch recipe and no real canning involved, so it’s an easy one for beginners!…
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